Healing Time

For men 2-3 Months and for women 4-6 Months with proper aftercare.


Thoroughly clean your new piercing once daily! Use antibacterial soap such as Provon. DO NOT use any products other than what is suggested. Excessive cleaning can lead to future problems.

Special Considerations for Women Only

WARNING: If you become pregnant within the first year of the healing process, we strongly suggest that you remove your jewelry immediately. Due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the demand on your immune system, you are increasing your risk of rejection or infection. If the piercing is healed and you become pregnant, see your piercer so that the jewelry can be changed if necessary to properly accommodate your needs.

FEMALES MIGHT ENCOUNTER A LONGER HEALING TIME:  This is due to hormonal changes that are part of a menstrual cycle. Most piercings heal without difficulty. Problems arise from not following appropriate aftercare instructions or being too rough with the new piercing. Body fluids, yours or someone else’s, can lead to a serious infection. The use of gloves for touching, condoms for intercourse and dental dams or other appropriate barriers for oral sex are strongly suggested.

BREASTFEEDING WITH NIPPLE PIERCINGS: There should be no problem with breastfeeding once the piercing is well healed (1 year or longer). Some women will keep their jewelry in while breastfeeding. Please keep in mind that your jewelry is a potential choking hazard for your baby, therefore, a captive bead ring is the most appropriate jewelry at this time. Other women prefer to remove their jewelry. Remember, there is always a risk that a piercing can close or shrink when the jewelry is removed, even in a well-healed piercing. For further information, please consult with both your piercer and your physician.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR EXTERNALLY THREADED JEWELRY: You have been pierced with externally threaded jewelry. Please realize both balls do unscrew from the shaft. Natural movement will cause friction and the balls with unscrew, no matter where the piercing is. It is absolutely necessary that you tighten the balls several times a day AFTER you wash your hands.

RIGHT IS TIGHT, LEFT IS LOOSE….. If you lose a ball, we always have them in stock.