Cleaning the Outside Tissue

Thoroughly clean your new piercing once daily! Use antibacterial soap such as Provon. DO NOT use any products other than what is suggested. Excessive cleaning can lead to future problems.

Antiseptic Rinse

At least 4-6 times each day, rinse with Listerine antiseptic or sea salt solution for 30-60 seconds. Listerine should be diluted 50:50 using distilled water. A sea salt rinse is 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt dissolved into 8 oz of warm water. Continue to rinse for 6-8 weeks.


The piercing will probably be swollen for the first few days. To help minimize the swelling, you may try the following:

NO ORAL CONTACT: DO NOT: make any oral contact for at least 6 weeks. This includes wet kissing and oral sex without a barrier.

IF BARBELL STUD HAS BEEN USED: Remember to check the balls to make sure they are not coming loose. Once the swelling has decreased (usually 2-3 weeks) you may downsize the length of the stud.